Alpuy'sLisboa is a project based on passion and love for the Pug where I give much of me to help spread this noble breed.
I do not refuse and never refused to present my dogs in the various events and expose them to the judgment of various judges, knowing not only listen to criticism but more importantly, learn from them so every day always do better.
It is easy to present the dogs at comfortable prices when there is no work, no costs, only the investment and constant work of others, but let their own parents away from criticism and judgments because they know they do not resist an assessment. On the other hand, despite health is an important point in creating the morphology can not be forgotten, otherwise, we will see the breeding of completely atypical dogs that will only be to discredit the breed we love so much.
Thus, those who know how to recognize the difference and appreciate the fruit of this work I have been developing, I will be happy to provide a Alpuy'sLisboa Dog.

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Alpuy's Lisboa Pugs  Litters

The Pug is a companion dog that for centuries has been delighting its famous owners like Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Alpuy'sLisboa Pugs

Pug is docile friendly and sociable and has an enormous capacity to adapt to different environments and people.

Alpuy'sLisboa Pugs

Pug is a companion breed of dog originating in China. This statement is based on the fact that they found similar dogs in East nation in the 1700s A.C.

Alpuy'sLisboa Pugs